Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monday, September 28, 2009


I know I have not been on here in a while but I really have not felt that anything interesting has been happening in my life.
The kids are back in school. That is awesome! Reilly and Bradley have lap top computers for their daily use at school and at home provided by the school. That is awesome! Brayden and Jaedyn are in separate classes this year. They are doing wonderful. I think they do better apart. They need their own set of friends. Brayden tends to be emotionally dependent on Jaedyn so this is a great thing. Reilly is in a "new" school this year. New as in Middle School and it was just built. She loves it. Bradley is in 4th grade and has good teachers. I go help in Bradley's class on Tuesdays for 3 hours. It is nice to take some time for him. We get to eat lunch together that day too. I haven't made it to the elementary school yet to help out. Maybe soon. I just need to slowly ease myself into being busy all day. (haha) I like my "ME" time that I get at home.
Ron is busy at work. He applied for a new job in the same company. We will see if he gets it. I hope so. It will be a pay increase! I do need to get a job. I have applied online for a few but I really need to go do follow up visits at the company and that way they see my face. Applying online is dumb. No one can see you. Oh well.
See I told you nothing exciting was going on.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Reunited....together again.

Very Happy....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Michael is coming home from his 2 year Mission today.! That's all my brain can handel right now. YIPEE

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a Little.

I don't know why but I hit enter after I wrote the title and it posted to my blog. It looks dumb. Sorry.
Life has been flying by. I have not been keeping up on this like I should but I will try to quickly update things.
Last week of school here was fun. Bradley made the "A/B Honor Roll" and also received a "most improved" award for the 4th quarter. I'm so proud of him. Reilly finished up 6th grade a very happy girl. Her class went to "Carrowinds" for a fun day. It is a huge amusement park out here. She is my daredevil and went on all the rides she could. The twins just had regular end of school stuff going on. Not too thrilling but they did have fun at their "Fun In The Sun" day even though it rained. In the fall we will have a 7th grader, a 4th grader and 2nd graders!
Last week was busy for us. Bradley was at "Cub Scout Day Camp" He loved it. Each day was a new thing he was able to do. He went inside an army helicopter, shot a bow and arrow, made slime, built a tool box, shot a gun, had a cooking class. played chess and learned about being a responsible citizen. I went up on Wednesday and helped in our pac's station.
Reilly went to girls camp this past week. It was such a growing experience for her. I loved it when she came home and told me about all the fun she had. It was a Pirate themed camp this year. They had strict rules of no bullies and no practical jokes. If you were caught being mean they sent you home. Reilly said 2 girls were sent home. Daily they chose different girls to be the "Hamode", This was a girl who was "in charge". You had to do what ever they said... On Thursday Reilly was the "Hamode" and she made all the leaders do the chicken dance during lunch in the mess hall. She enjoyed it very much. They also had a on going game , the girls were to try to steal the "flag" outside of a different cabin. If you grabbed a flag you had to run with it to the mess hall and turn it in for a piece of "pirate booty". The cabin with the most "booty" won the game at camp. The 4 year girls won , but Reilly did get to take the 4 year girls flag once and run it up to the mess hall. She was so proud. It was an awesome experience for her. She made a lot of new friends.
Otherwise things are as normal as they can be. Ron's working very hard. I'm trying to get some energy. I am always sluggish. Any suggestions?
Our Dear Friend Elder Michael Carlson comes home from his mission in 8 days!!!!! Our family is very excited about that.
Sorry I don't have any fun pics to post. If I get any I'll post them. Just try to imagine our wonderful life. lol

Just a Little.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Feeling IT!

O. K. Honestly I am not feeling it... I don't want to blog. I think it is annoying. But I have this set up so I should do it . Maybe tomorrow... I haven't forgotten about my friends out there I just don't feel like doing it.